Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Enjoy a few facts and figures?

Ok, this is a quick one - I have to admit I don't mind a few stats to get me thinking...

Just discovered a few interesting links that give lots of stats on the Hawaii Ironman this year.

Check out Run Tri's page listing every qualifying time at every qualifier race, and Tri Juice's stats on numbers racing, age group numbers, oldest, youngest, etc - am always impressed with the 70+ who are racing - eldest is 80!

157 Aussies racing - that's the third largest group of country men and women.

To top it off, imAthlete have just announced the launch of their new race results system which allows you to look up your race history, compare results, track your friends, and post to Facebook and Twitter. Someone had to come up with it  - just feel sorry for the data entry person :-)

What a tool! It's sure to be a hit.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Race Kit

It's been a a much discussed topic for quite a while - what to wear during the race?

Now obviously the most important factor for the competitor is comfort (and look good) and for me as a supporter I try and put a request in for something that stands out so I can easily spot amongst the crowd!

Today we hit a milestone on our road to Kona...the race kit has been chosen!

Another outfit had been chosen which has been worn before and does look great - but black is not supporter friendly so I was trying to get a bit of colour thrown in. Then, along came a new friend of ours who has plenty of Hawaii IM advice now that he is heading there for the 6th time and he also has friends at Cannibal.

So here it is!

IM and wife are happy - it's comfortable and stands out and looks good - thanks Cannibal!

It reminds me of an Hawaiian Tribal Warrior - might get a few comments on race day :-)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Our Connected Community

Just had to make a quick observation...what an amazing world we now live in!

Combine emails, texting, Facebook, blogging and Twitter (as much as I can cope with for now) and in the final days leading up to Hawaii Ironman I feel like I have already arrived in Kona.

Once you are connected to the community you are involved in, the word spreads fast. Photos, observations, thoughts, ideas, training plans, travel plans....I could go on. This increased knowledge focussing on one event builds the excitement. We don't leave for another week yet everyday involves Ironman talk.

To top it off, we are on a run this morning when we hear out of car window "Imagine you are on Ali'i Drive" - who needs to travel to Kona? The race has come to us!

 I almost can't imagine how I will feel when the plane lands and we are living the dream :-)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Can't wait!

Counting down the days now.

The excitement is building in this household. Kids about to be on school holidays and IM tapering down the training with the nervous energy on the increase!

Has been great getting some good tips on where to go and what to do around Kona.

Thanks to our friend Celeste from Trix Gear for her great tips on where to take the kids. Just had to add this pic she sent of her kids favourite Kona treat - a Hawaiian Shave Ice - can't wait to try it!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hawaii Ironman Tips Required!

Have just posted a new page. Now I need your help!

Have you been to Kona? Have you been to Hawaii IM? I want your tips. Please add comments and pass on to friends who are in the know also.

My aim is to build a thorough report for friends, family and supporters on travelling to Kona for the Hawaii IM. I am a newbie - all I have is a few tips form friends - but I want more!

I don't want to know about the race and training - I hear enough about that!

I want to know about the town, where to shop, where to eat, what to see, what is good for kids, what secret locations we should know about, what fun things there are to do during IM week, how we should manage race day, what resources and assistance there is for supporters on race day, what we shouldn't miss - and what sight seeing we will drag our competitors to pre or post race so we don't feel like we have visited but not experienced it all!

I look forward to all your comments  thanks!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ironman Daddy

Today was Father's Day - hope all you dads enjoyed your day!

I find Father's Day, Birthdays , Valentines Day and Xmas all pretty tricky when it comes to presents for my IM - or in fact any of the males in my family apart from the little ones :-)

So what did IM receive today?

Well, I must admit that most gifts tend to relate to training or triathlon but I do try to think outside the square, as they say, but I had to laugh today as he tried to guess what a certain package was, that the comment was "Well it has to be related to triathlon" -  am I allowed to say 'one track mind'?!

Well, it wasn't related to triathlon because really what could I get that he hasn't already bought for himself?! In saying that, I was pretty pleased with my online order of a drink bottle saying "Ironman Daddy" from Aussie website Wipsnapa (although it was not as big as I hoped and is metal rather than the usual plastic but am sure it will be used with pride by dad).

However, the big present was actually bought over a month ago because it was really needed and couldn't wait - and in fact I have to admit it is one of the most used gadgets in our house at the moment!

It was a Garmin Forerunner 405 GPS watch - and don't we love it! Could rave about this watch but will leave that to another post, so will just say it was great purchase for daddy (and mummy) and we were very happy with the good price and fast delivery from Ryda!

Of course, Father's Day began with a training session finishing at our favourite cafe for a relaxed breakfast and then a training free afternoon including pizza and beer for dinner - even an IM daddy needs a splurge day!

So in signing out on Father's Day, I think I should reflect on all the IM daddy's out there.

I see my IM as such an inspiration to our kids. We teach our kids about life and living by being a role model. We all juggle busy lives and there may be some days that we can dedicate less time than others to our kids, but what we show them is how to balance our lives with what has to be done and what we want to do.

Set goals, believe in yourself, do your best, stay fit and healthy, set yourself challenges and follow your dreams are some of the things we like to say to our kids - and what better way to illustrate this than competing in Ironman.